The Arts Of Seeing

14 February 2011

Sunrise at Muara Sungai Johor

This shot was captured from the river bank to incorporate the foreground
interest with the full view of the pier
Nikon D300s with Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 at 17mm. 1/500s @ f/7.1. ISO 200

This shot was captured early this morning at Muara Sungai Johor. It was really nice as the eastern
sunrise emerge from the hill of Tanjung Pengerang across the river mouth. Shot with RAW and post
processed in Photomatix to highlight the rustic effect of the pier and shade on water reflections.

Nikon D300s with Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 at 17mm. 1/2s @ f/22. ISO 200


  1. Oh Thanks!...Suka juga dapat kenal member2 with the same interest...Kalau turun JB Call aku ...nanti kita bole outing...Take Care!

  2. Man, skill hang skrg dah ganas giller bro...wa jealous ngan lu ada banyak masa spent on foto shooting sana sini and dasyat2 lak tu... give you 5 star plus plus......frm bro pink

  3. Bro Pink...Tq..for the appreciation...aku tak main Golf Bro! inilah hobby yg tinggal...Ini pun shot2 dekat rumah je...masa pi site shoot lah kejap2....Assalam!