The Arts Of Seeing

14 February 2011

Eyes of the Tiger

I liked the posture of the Tiger
raised its head 90deg upright and staring straight in contact into my lens....
with the morning light casting a shadow behind its neck...
quickly captured these shots in continuous mode..not to miss any good movement

Capture this shot of a hungry tiger moving around non-stop in a circular cage. Shot from
high level looking down...until it walks in the light and quickly took few shots.
Got this one with its jaw widely open...Convert to BnW for to highlight its stripe...

Nikon D300s with Sigma 70-200 f2.8 at 78mm. 1/1250s @ f2.8. ISO 200


  1. Ini nama nye shot nasib baik...bukan senang nak tembak mamat ni masa beraksi...most of the time...lepak je kat shade...hehehe!