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04 April 2011

Urban Decay - Interior 1

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  1. You don't say what weed kill products you use, nor how close you have plantings to your patio, because that will have an affect on what you can use. there are options, some easier than others.. . If it's not already there, you can take up the patio and lay out weed barrier cloth underneath it. if you really want to be hard-core about it, you can lay the pavers back in mortar, minimising any chance for the weeds to get a toehold in the filler sand that is normally used between the pavers.. . If there are spaces between your pavers, and not just cracks, then you could try grouting them, but it is liely the grout would start cracking within a season and you would be back to the beginning. if it is available in your area, you might try applying Vulkem sealant between the pavers. again, there needs to be space enough between them to get the sealant in between. It may very well look funny, though, unless you space it down far enough for some sand on top of it, and then your patio will not drain between the pavers.. . If there are not plantings in or on the ground around your patio, you can try yearly applications of Monobor Chlorate. Be careful, because this is a general herbicide, and can leach through ground water, killing any plant that takes it in. There are also pre-emergent herbicides, that have a residual effect, as wel, but will not harm established plantings. (they somehow manage to kill off the plants that are trying to break through the surface of the soil.. . Remember the old adage, "you can tell the difference between a plant and a weed by pulling it out. if it grows back, it is a weed." interlocking decking